Journal Articles

TIP! Entering Google-type searches into library databases often retrieves irrelevant results.To search for journal articles like a pro, watch this brief video on search strategies.

The following are the core journal databases for English and American language and literature:

MLA International Bibliography
The most comprehensive database for language and literatures. Provides citations to journal articles, books, essays in books, Web sites, and dissertations. Covers literature, language, linguistics, folklore, and film, practice of teaching language, literature, and rhetoric and composition at the college level, including professional and administrative issues.

JSTOR should be used in conjunction with MLA International Bibliography. JSTOR’s journal content is not as extensive or as current as the content in the MLA International Bibliography.

Academic Search Elite and Humanities Full Text These databases might provide content that is unavailable in the MLA and JSTOR databases.

Google Scholar
Google Scholar be used in conjunction with the MLA and JSTOR databases. Google Scholar provides a “citator” feature, which means that it indicates the number of times it has been cited in other sources.

Related Databases

Communications & Mass Media Complete
Covers communications, journalism, television, print media and related fields, including gender studies and race and ethic issues.

ERIC and Education Full Text
These databases provide popular and scholarly articles on education-related topics. ERIC also includes lesson plans and reports.

Click here for additional journal databases.

Not sure how to identify a peer-reviewed article? Watch this brief video.

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